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Over the years, MOOSH has been many things including a game host, general purpose web server, development platform and an email server to name a few. It has also provided backup DNS services for several friends over the years. As time passes, needs change and so does the focus of the machine. It's the same ole Moosh, just with different style.

I recently made the decision to launch an host on a website provider to alleviate the local link load. Being on the back-end of a unreliable DSL connection isn't the place for utilities software or a webserver. The new host, Mithril & Mages, will allow faster and more efficient access to the materials once hosted here.

Within the role playing genre, a small collection of utilities geared toward CyberPunk 2020 players and admins are still functional in the late 1990's format. The Cyberpunk materials will remain local until I've converted them to something more web friendly. New developments will be tested here and then migrated up to Mithril for general consumption. I will be updating and tweaking menu links as needed. Random general materials may exist here, there or on both sites.

My ramblings on RPG related topics were previously hosted at KORPG Games. Kevin allowed me to amuse, annoy and frighten his occasional reader with the wanderings of my mind. After much thought, I withdrew as an author and he subsequently removed those materials.

My rare thoughts on the subject will now appear over at my new online host, Mithril & Mages within the blog framework I'm using for utility software announcements.